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Festival Wish List

I’m not going to any festivals this summer. But I wish I was. And if I was I might well wear one of these outfits.

festival outfit 2

1. Prettiest visor I’ve ever seen. A suitable dress. Tough vegan docs.
fetival outfit 1

2. Shades. Another suitable dress (with a very nice back). Sliders.

Probably would consider an anorak too.


Slush List, pt.4

Sir Lush, Bosham, West Sussex

Sir Lush

Price: £2.00 for regular

Type: Sir Lush

Flavours: Blue Raspberry

Notes: Trying to channel some of those summer vibes with a look back at some forgotten slush beverages from the archives.  My notes for this simply read, ‘Sir Lush blue rasp tasted like diet’. Average slush experience, made better by a hot day and some red nail varnish. That said, bonus points for the killer name. Whoever this Sir Lush is, we’d like to make his acquaintance.

Score: 5/10