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I unearthed this lampshade from the back of the boiler cupboard during a mass-clearout and decided it was ripe for a little tropical update.

Here is what I used:

lamp pic 1(pretty basic ingredients – you may also want a plate for mixing paints)

I found inspiration for my design in a bird book I picked up from Deptford market a few months ago purely for the lovely illustrations:bird bookAnd then I was brave and put brush straight to shade.

You may want to sketch out your design first. That may be wise.

lamp 2

Then I found an un-used base (not the biggest fan of this one, but my skills do not quite extend to making my own… just yet) and popped it on.
lamp 3

I think it looks OK.



Been getting my craft on to beat the January blues.

Recycling our christmas tree and christmas treats (gin) to make a rather precarious jewellery stand – not sure how long this will last.

Hendricks jewellery holder

Found some surprisingly fetching fabric in Ikea (BLÅVINGE, brilliant) and made a house worth of cushions for just over a fiver.

I’m way too lazy to write out a tutorial but you can check out this one here.


Plenty more where that came from (when we cba).