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Pale Green Fingers

Avocados are my favourite. In hopes of saving money at the supermarket I thought I could grow my own tree and feast off of it’s fruits. Avocado trees take about 10 years to fruit. But they are still pretty cute.

Firstly eat an avocado! Then wash the seed with water and wipe all the yucky bits off with your fingers. Then you need to suspend it in a glass of water – we used toothpicks. I think it likes to be kept in the sun.


Then wait.

It should eventually (weeks later) crack and start to grow roots and sprout from the top (so cute).

2 4

Once it has grown more considerably and starting to look too big for its glass, plant it in a jar or pot with some soil and water it regularly.

5 9

I have yet to pass this stage of avocado growth. 9 1/2 years to go until I get my free fruit.