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On the hunt for the perfect slush beverage.

Slush List, pt.5

Kiss Me Quick, 16 The Parade, Margate

Debs holding SLUSH small

Price: £2.00 for large

Type: Unknown

Flavours: Full Flavour Mix (FFM)

Notes: This one’s even vaguer than that last slush review. After having a stroll round the Turner Contemporary, then up and down the seafront a few times, we were possessed by an all-consuming thirst for slush. We just so happened to retire into the Tracey Emin-endorsed Kiss Me Quick where we purchased this FFM (#art). To be honest, all I remember is that the flavours didn’t quite taste right all mixed together. Seemed like there was some maverick flavour in there (mango?! kiwi?!). We should have kept it simple on this occasion. To be honest we’re just disappointed in ourselves.

Score: 5/10


Slush List, pt.4

Sir Lush, Bosham, West Sussex

Sir Lush

Price: £2.00 for regular

Type: Sir Lush

Flavours: Blue Raspberry

Notes: Trying to channel some of those summer vibes with a look back at some forgotten slush beverages from the archives.  My notes for this simply read, ‘Sir Lush blue rasp tasted like diet’. Average slush experience, made better by a hot day and some red nail varnish. That said, bonus points for the killer name. Whoever this Sir Lush is, we’d like to make his acquaintance.

Score: 5/10


Slush List, pt.3

Tastebuds, High Street, Dorking, Surrey


Price: £2.50 for large

Type: Slushee

Flavours: Unknown

Notes: Our first sighting of the Slushee brand. Bit pricey by our standards, so an exclusive slush experience. The flavour, though intially strong due to high syrup content [HSC], was hard to pin down and ultimately tasted slightly bland over time. Still, we happily drank it all down. Maximum brain freeze factor. Warning.

Score: 5.5/10

Slush List, pt.2

Boba Jam, Shaftesbury Avenue


Price: £4.20

Type: Bubble Tea

Flavours: Mango black tea w/lychee jelly & bubbles

Notes: Whilst technically not a full slush, we figured we would get into the spirit of Chinese New Year with this specialty beverage, complete with dancing dragons round the corner in Chinatown. Wide range of flavours and extras. Confusing order process for the bubble tea debutante. Our black-mango-bubble-tea and green-lychee-bubble-tea amalgamated into the above hybrid. That said the result was definitely palatable and even tasty. Tapioca ball converts. Fun straw. However it proved difficult to pierce lid without collateral damage and was a bit pricey.

Score: 7/10

Slush List, pt.1

The Waterfront Leisure Centre, Woolwich


Price: £1.00 for small

Type: Frutina

Flavours: FFM (strawberry, raspberry, lime, unknown)

Notes: High syrup content was a plus, as were the friendly cafe staff who encouraged a full flavour mix (FFM). Balcony seats, warm temperate climate, vaguely tropical environs (snake slide, waterfall palm tree etc.). Minimalistic packaging intensified our colour appreciation. The leisure centre entrance fee made this an exclusive slush experience.

Score: 8/10