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Incredibly Lovable and Extremely Cute: GIF dump

Cute animal therapy in GIF form. Use as appropriate. Click on each one to see it in all its un-cropped glory (especially the one of the cat attacking the apathetic retriever).


Incredibly Lovable and Extremely Cute: NekoZushi

nekozushi cat

Sushi cats! Yes, we have no clue either. Just look at these little guys! Accept the mystery.

Bonus pictures:

nekozushi nekozushi nekozushi

You can find the full collection at

Incredibly Lovable and Extremely Cute: Gloster Canaries

gloster canary

That’s right, these little badasses have natural bowl haircuts. These guys don’t even give a shit. I’m off to listen to The Beatles.


Incredibly Lovable and Extremely Cute: Service Dog Project

great dane cam 2

/ Dog Bless You /

Pass your time idly watching these great dane pups do not much at all. Also, pass up spending time with your friends or going out, as we did this weekend, waiting for Olive (pictured above) to give birth to a new brood. Excitement, drama, it’s got it all. We watched anxiously as old ladies in fleeces walked in and out of shot, occasionally kneeling on the ground for a minute at a time, whilst this massive-bellied girl shifted around a lot, generally looking up at the camera with a gaze that sometimes made us feel like we were in serious violation of private space. What could it all mean?

Spoiler alert: she gave birth to ten huge puppies. Dayum gurl.

great dane cam 4