Slush List, pt.5

Kiss Me Quick, 16 The Parade, Margate

Debs holding SLUSH small

Price: £2.00 for large

Type: Unknown

Flavours: Full Flavour Mix (FFM)

Notes: This one’s even vaguer than that last slush review. After having a stroll round the Turner Contemporary, then up and down the seafront a few times, we were possessed by an all-consuming thirst for slush. We just so happened to retire into the Tracey Emin-endorsed Kiss Me Quick where we purchased this FFM (#art). To be honest, all I remember is that the flavours didn’t quite taste right all mixed together. Seemed like there was some maverick flavour in there (mango?! kiwi?!). We should have kept it simple on this occasion. To be honest we’re just disappointed in ourselves.

Score: 5/10


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