‘Platoon’ – Jungle

An utter banger. With a baby break-dancer. This video is almost too much for me to handle.



I unearthed this lampshade from the back of the boiler cupboard during a mass-clearout and decided it was ripe for a little tropical update.

Here is what I used:

lamp pic 1(pretty basic ingredients – you may also want a plate for mixing paints)

I found inspiration for my design in a bird book I picked up from Deptford market a few months ago purely for the lovely illustrations:bird bookAnd then I was brave and put brush straight to shade.

You may want to sketch out your design first. That may be wise.

lamp 2

Then I found an un-used base (not the biggest fan of this one, but my skills do not quite extend to making my own… just yet) and popped it on.
lamp 3

I think it looks OK.

Festival Wish List

I’m not going to any festivals this summer. But I wish I was. And if I was I might well wear one of these outfits.

festival outfit 2

1. Prettiest visor I’ve ever seen. A suitable dress. Tough vegan docs.
fetival outfit 1

2. Shades. Another suitable dress (with a very nice back). Sliders.

Probably would consider an anorak too.

You really should read



I haven’t had time to read many books this year, so, when at a car-boot sale, I spotted this slim-line paper-back that was named after one of my favorite things (swimming), written by my name-sake,  nominated for a man booker prize and costing 20p, I bought it. And I loved it.

‘Fantastic Man’ – William Onyeabor

Surely everything that exists, exists on the internet nowadays. It seems more and more that people appreciate the odd gems that go unchronicled by the web. These artifacts are somehow defiant to the (sometimes scary) sweep of the technological age.


William Onyeabor was, more or less, one of those unturned stones until very recently. In the 70s, around the time electronic instruments were starting to be used in popular music for the first time, this guy, seemingly on his own in the middle of nowhere (well, Nigeria – but still) busted out a few records of sublime, forward-thinking synth-funk, then got into Christianity in a big way and turned his back on the whole music thing. In the last couple of years, the record label Luaka Bop (headed up by Talking Heads’ David Byrne) were responsible for dragging Onyeabor out of obscurity. The mysteries surrounding his music and life only add to the pleasure of listening to the album they released of his remastered songs.

This is currently our favourite of the bunch. It’s hard to resist the catchiness of the call-and-reponse thing going on between Onyeabor and the female backing singers. You’ll be singing it all week once it’s in your head. Incidentally, we were fortunate enough to be given tickets to the recent night at the Barbican, London in honour of the man and legend. Of all the heavyweight artists who came to cover the songs from the album (Onyeabor himself was of course nowhere to be seen), it was Damon Albarn who took the lead on this once. And though he wasn’t perfect, his energy and general cheekiness perfectly conveyed the spirit of the song. Fantastic stuff.

Incredibly Lovable and Extremely Cute: GIF dump

Cute animal therapy in GIF form. Use as appropriate. Click on each one to see it in all its un-cropped glory (especially the one of the cat attacking the apathetic retriever).

Pale Green Fingers

Avocados are my favourite. In hopes of saving money at the supermarket I thought I could grow my own tree and feast off of it’s fruits. Avocado trees take about 10 years to fruit. But they are still pretty cute.

Firstly eat an avocado! Then wash the seed with water and wipe all the yucky bits off with your fingers. Then you need to suspend it in a glass of water – we used toothpicks. I think it likes to be kept in the sun.


Then wait.

It should eventually (weeks later) crack and start to grow roots and sprout from the top (so cute).

2 4

Once it has grown more considerably and starting to look too big for its glass, plant it in a jar or pot with some soil and water it regularly.

5 9

I have yet to pass this stage of avocado growth. 9 1/2 years to go until I get my free fruit.

& other stories

& other stories

& other stories has a weird name, but pretty cool clothes. it also has a very nice shop on regents street (nice and spacious, metal, good changing rooms – thumbs up).

these are some items that caught my eye:

Blue blouse

Grey dress

Black dress

Blue shorts

Pink dress

i like their fabrics a lot, and their just slightly unusual structures. nothing too daring.

i only plumped for one this time. but i will be back.

You really should read




Very boyish but enjoyable. Initially the lack of punctuation can make this slightly difficult to follow, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it, and when you do the characters’ voices start to feel quite real. Full of very practical and able men which you can enjoy vicariously. These guys know how to track prey, bandage themselves, dig out bullets and other things.

Incidentally the Coen brothers’ film is probably one of the most accurate screen adaptations out there.